Unibag srl has been producing low and high-density bags for more than 50 years, and has recently started producing bags in biodegradable and compostable materials.

Our History

The company was founded in 1969 and since then its mission has been to supply its customers with a product of superior quality.
Thanks to this philosophy, a high know-how and expertise developed through the years has brought Unibag s.r.l. at the cutting edge of the European market.

During the late Eighties the demanding European wholesalers identified Unibag s.r.l. as a reliable partner, due to its maniacal attention to all details and the high-quality service offered.

Why choose UNIBAG?

Full customization and excellent services

Our strong points are the full customization of our products even for small production runs, prompt deliveries and competitive prices at all times.

A wide range of products

Our range of products has been developed to satisfy every type of shop, starting from the vest type bags, suitable for heavy and bulky goods, such as everyday shopping at the supermarket; various styles of die cut handle bags, with or without reinforcements, with side or bottom gussets, blocked or loose, to fulfill many different requirements. The loop handle bags at last provide style and elegance at a very competitive price, ending up being ideal for very demanding clients.
At the same time, we offer some items for household use, such as dustbin bags, big refuse sacks for communities, restaurants, canteens and so on, available also in biodegradable, particularly suitable for organic waste. A range of protective bags, laundry bags, cover sheets, heavy duty bags are generally available in our stock.