Household range

Garment cover bags

Available only in transparent LDPE in 2 standard sizes these bags are shapes as the clothes hangers and protect your clothes from dust.

Transparent multipurpose bags

Available in transparent LDPE only in 3 stock sizes and thickness.

Cover sheets

4x4 meters plastic sheets available only in LDPE, either virgin or recycled. They are produced in many different weights, and are packed one by one.

Heavy duty bags

Available in LDPE only in different colours and weight, are normally used to carry heavy waste, such as rubbles or similar.

Waste bin liners

Available in LDPE only, in various thicknesses, and coloured in black, yellow, green and white and also in biodegradable and compostable film for organic waste collect.

Refuse sacks

suitable for communities, restaurants, condominium and so on are available in 2 big sizes and in various colours to allow separation of different litters.

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